Portable grounding devices

Portable grounding devices manufactured according to standards DIN, VDE 0683 and actual normative-technical documentation. According to customer’s part list (but observing standard’s demands) portable-grounding devices can be manufactured with quantity of phases different from standard quantity and with the length of grounding short-circuiting flexible conductors different from standard values. Phase’s clamps can be connected by methods of “wave” or “start”. According to customer’s demand insulating rods of grounding devices can be manufactured with dimensions exceeding standard values.

Clamps of the portable grounding devices.
The grounding devices for grounding air power lines are manufactured with spring, bayonet and screw phase clamps.
Special configuration of current collector’s gripping jaws of spring clamp ensure high thermodynamically resistance to action of short-circuit current.
Constructively remote from the place of contact with phase conductors of high voltage power line and clamp’s current conductive parts spring ensures constant compression of current collector’s gripping jaws of the clamp during all action of short-circuit current.
Bayonet spring clamp’s design ensures mounting and removing of portable grounding device by moving up and down. For removing the grounding device from power line’s phase conductors it is necessary to pull grounding rod to yourself and then to turn it around its own axis at the angle of 300, opening bayonet spring clamp. Bayonet phase clamps are manufactured with different configuration for mounting on the phase conductors 0.4 kV, 6-10 kV from the surface of ground and 110-750 kV from the cross-arm.
Screw clamps are manufactured for connecting to grounded current conductive parts of electrical installations, for connecting to air power lines phase conductors and to switchgear’s bars. Screw clamps can be manufactured from steel or aluminium alloys of the high quality. Design of the connecting platform of the cable lug ensures possibility of double-streamed connection of grounding conductor securing necessary spot’s square of electrical contact between aluminium clamp and cable lugs with section up to 120 mm. Besides dividing of short-circuiting conductor’s section into two separate cables ensure higher flexibility of grounding conductors in general.

Copper flexible conductors.
Short-circuiting copper flexible conductors are manufactured according to 6-th class of flexibility and are protected with transparent polymer sheath, which don’t loose its flexibility under the temperature up to -400 C. Portable grounding devices are equipped with short circuiting copper conductors with section from 16 mm. to 120 mm. from standard range of section’s values of conductors. For connecting to current collector cramps or clamps short-circuiting copper flexible conductors are pressed in tinning copper cable lugs of according type and dimensions. Shock absorber strengthens the place of pressing of flexible conductor in cable lug averting breaking during exploitation. Shock absorber represents steel spring or polymer conic tip.

Insulating grounding rods.
Insulating grounding rods are manufactured from electrically insulating fiberglass plastic and have decorative-protective coating ensuring long exploitation life. Dividing ring and protective cap at the rod’s end face is manufactured from frost-proof elastic elastomer material. Insulating grounding rods can be manufactured as non-jointing ones with current pick-off clamps and jointing by means of butting block with fixing clamp on the rod with the help of screw.

Exploitative container.
For ensuring long exploitation life portable grounding devices supplied in bags from synthetic wear resistive cloth or (according to individual order) in wood boxes.