Portable grounding device ZNL (throw on) for power lines to 10 kV

Grounding device ZNL is intended for special disconnection of air power lines by means of throw on the conductors of power line flexible non-insulated conductor and creation short circuit between conductors of power line and grounding conductor connected with the ground.

The main parameters of grounding device:


Name of parameter
Value of parameter
Nominal voltage of electrical installation, kV
From 0,4 to 10 inclusive
Maximum admitting current of short circuit, kA, during 0,5 sec.
Section of short-circuiting and grounding conductor, mm2
Length of grounding conductor, m
Length of short-circuiting conductor, m
Diameter of insulating fall-line, mm
Length of insulating fall-line, m, not less
Length of grounding pin, m, not less
Diameter of grounding pin, mm, not less

Grounding device consists of:
•  Throwing device in the form of grenade;
•  Insulating fall-line;
•  Accessory flexible copper conductor without sheath;
•  Fixing armature-gripper for reliable connection of power line’s wires together in loom and holding it during passage of short-circuiting current;
•  Flexible copper escapement in polymer sheath connected with ground rod;
•  Armatures for fixing free end of insulating fall-line;
•  Temporary grounding pin.