Portable grounding device for grounding power lines from a surface of the ground with lengthening metal parts ZPMZ 6-10

Grounding device ZPMZ 6-10 is intended for grounding of phase conductors on the de-energized parts of power line with voltage to 10 kV directly from the ground’s surface.

Main parameters of grounding device:

Name of parameter
Value of parameter
Nominal voltage of electrical installations, kV
Length of rod’s insulating part, m, not less
Length of the handle, m, not less
Number metallic parts
3 or 4
General number of parts
4 or 5
General length of rod in operating position, m
Length in transport position, m
Section of grounding conductor, mm2
Length of grounding escapement, m, not less
Current of thermal stability during 3 sec., kA
Mass, kg, not more

Grounding device consists of composite rod, flexible grounding conductor and clamp for connecting to grounded parts of power line or to temporary grounding pin.
Composite rod of grounding device consists of bayonet clamp, metallic current conducting parts and insulating part with handle.
Clamp’s design ensures reliable and quick mounting and dismounting of grounding device by up-down movement. Metallic current conductive parts are manufactured from aluminium alloy and have section sufficient for necessary current of thermal stability. Design of connecting intersection twists of current conductive parts averts axis turning and ensures square of contact spot sufficient for necessary thermal stability of grounding device.
Insulating part and handle of composite rod are manufactured from section fiberglass plastic coated with electrically insulating atmosphere resistant enamel.
Flexible grounding conductor is manufactured from copper cores coated with transparent polymer sheath. Conductor’s ends are pressed in cable lugs. In connecting places conductor is equipped with sheathes representing springs from flexible steel wire or polymer material for conductor’s protection from break.
The set of supply includes the case for transportation and storage of grounding device in closed position.
According to customer’s demand the complete set of supply can include temporary grounding pin (point of mounting).