Portable grounding device with metallic members for contact network of electric railways ZPMZ-K

Grounding device ZPMZ-K is intended for worker’s protection from electric shock on the disconnecting parts of the contact network of electric railways (in the case of mistaken feed of voltage or appearance on the part of contact network induced voltage) by means of shorting between elements of contact network hanger and the main way (under base of rail).

The main parameters of grounding device:

Length of mounted rod, m, not more
Length of folding rod, m, not more
Type of rails on witch grounding clamp is mounted
Type of rails on witch grounding clamp is mounted
Р43, Р50, Р65, Р75
Section of conductor connecting rod with grounding clamp, mm2
Length of conductor, m, not less
General mass, kg, not more

ZPMZ-K consists of unfolding rod, grounding conductor in transparent polymer sheath and grounding clamp (“boot”).
Unfolding rod consists of connecting clamp with contacting probe, current conductive section, hinging connector, which fixes in working position with the key, insulating part and handle.
Insulating part of unfolding rod is manufactured from electrically insulated fiberglass plastic and has protective-decorative coating.
Grounding clamp (“boot”) consists of base hook and screw. Mounting of boot and assembly of rod carry out by means of key, which is locked with the help of spring mechanism mounted in screw. The bar of screw mechanism goes out from the crew and ensures compression for reliable electric contact with the rail. Blocking element (key-handle) is fixing element of hinging connector of folding rod in mounted position. It is impossible to take out blocking element (key) from the lock without fixing boot under rail. So after mounting rod on contact network it is impossible take out the boot from beneath rail and it is impossible to mount grounding device on the contact network without fixing the boot beneath the rail.