Combined scaffold from fiberglass plastic PSK

Scaffolds are intended for working in the auto halls of factories of electric communication instead of actual wood scaffolds and are designed according to general industrial norms of safety GOST 24258 “Scaffolds. General technical conditions”, and to branch’s technical standards.

The main parameters of scaffolds:

Marking of the scaffold Name of parameters
of the working
platform, mm
of the working
platform, mm
Mass, kg,
not more
ПСК-0,2 200 250х450 3
PSK-0,4 400 350х350 4,5
PSK-0,5 500 350х350 5
PSK-0,6 600 350х350 6

The working platform and steps of scaffolds is manufactured from multiply plywood for ensuring ergonomically parameters.
All scaffolds (except PSK-0,2) can be equipped with steps either from one or from two sides (with letter “Д” in marking).
Stringers from the fiberglass plastic ensure insulating properties of the scaffolds.
Stringers of the scaffolds diverge downstairs and are equipped with rubber boots averting turning over and sliding.
The scaffolds PSK are designated for working in closed rooms.