The tower with transferable working place VPRM

The tower VPRM is intended for organizing working place for fulfilling servicing and repairing works at the open switchgears with voltage 220-330 kV and more.
The tower is designed as transferable construction with pneumatic wheels with diameter 410 mm and width 115 mm ensuring possibility of transferring along the territory switchgears to the place of work both on the hard coatings and on the ground.

The main parameters of the tower:

assembling-disassembling transferable
Method of assembling-disassembling and remounting
Maximal load on the working platform, N
Dimensions of the working platform, mm
Levels of mounting working platform, m
2,65 x 4,5
Mass, kg, not more

The tower consists of:
• Metallic frame provided with two wheel’s pairs, one of them is swivel and withstanding adjustable in height supports;
• Elements of the ladder and supports from fiberglass plastic with lintels and struts;
• Metallic working platform for two workers with maximal load 300 kg.

Working platform and metallic frame are equipped with places for connecting grounding to take off induced voltage.
The height of mounting of working platform has two levels – 2,65 and 4,5 m.
According to customer’s demand VPRM can be manufactured:
a) With other levels of mounting working platform;
b) With additional load lifting devices (platform with load hatch and with blocks for lifting load to 100 kg, manual winch for lifting load to 100 kg).