Contact type voltage detectors with combined indication “Ekivolta 6-20M”, “Ekivolta 6-20K”, “Ekivolta 20-35”, “Ekivolta 20-35K” without built-in power source.

Detectors are intended for detecting presence or absence of voltage in electrical installation of alternating current with frequency 50 Hz and voltage from 6 to 20 kV inclusive and from 20 to 35 kV inclusive.

The main parameters of detectors:

Name of parameters
Name of voltage detectors
“Ekivolta 6-20M”
“Ekivolta 6-20K”
“Ekivolta 20-35”
“Ekivolta 20-35K”
Nominal voltage of electrical installation, kV, not more
6, 10, 12
20, 35
Voltage of indication, kV, not more
Interval between pulses, s, not more
Number of links, p (including handle)
Length of insulating part, mm
Length of handle, mm
General length of detector in mounted position, mm
Mass, kg, not more

Detectors are manufactured according to demands of normative documentation and consist of operative insulating part and handle. The handle and insulating part are manufactured from section electrically insulating fiberglass plastic with high dielectric characteristics. Detectors “Ekivolta 6-20K” and “Ekivolta 20-35K” ensure combined (visual and acoustical) indication of voltage presence. Visual pulsing light signal is additional indication. Detectors “Ekivolta 6-20M” and “Ekivolta 20-35” ensure optical indication of voltage presence.
Detectors “Ekivolta” have some new technical decisions, which allow using ultra-bright light-emitting diodes and source of sound signal with necessary power without built-in source of power. Effective shade ensures reliable light signal recognition under any illuminance of the working place. Detector doesn’t demand working part’s grounding.
The set of supply can be provided with device УПУ for determining serviceability of high voltage detectors.
Device UPUis equipped with built-in storage battery and represents electronic block in plastic case. Case’s end’s face detector and with light-emitting diodes for controlling storage battery’s discharge and presence of output voltage.
One side panel of UPU has the jack for power cord and light-emitting diode for controlling storage battery charging. Switching button is situated on the other side.