Contact-type voltage detector with combined indication without built-in power source “Ekivolta 6-10KUD”

Voltage detector “Ekivolta 6-10KUD” is used as the main electric protective means for determining voltage’s presence or absence on the air power lines with voltage from 6 to 10 kV inclusive without rising on the power support from the ground.

Operating voltage, kV
from 6 to 10 (inclusive)
Type of indication
combined (light – the main, acoustic – additional)
Built-in power source
Number of members (including handle)
Length of insulating part, mm
Length of the handle, mm
General length of detector in operating position, mm
Mass, kg, not more

Detector consists of four parts and ensures testing of presence or absence of voltage without rising on the power support from the ground.
Distinctive features:
1. For comfortable using detector’s electronic block is placed close by worker so that under any illumination of working place indication signal “voltage is present” is reliably recognizable.
2. For transferring potential from current parts of power line to detector’s electronic block the potential transferring double-section rod is used. Rod’s design averts inter-phase overlapping and breakdown to ground during simultaneous touching of rod’s sheath different phases of power line or earthed parts of power lines. Electric strength of sheath of rod for potential transferring is 12 kV. Lateral electric strength is ensured by means of high voltage cable and two special insulating twists.
3. Detector’s indication is ensured by means of three ultra-bright light-emitting diodes and piezoradiator. In the detector built-in power source is absent. Detector’s operating part’s grounding is not necessary.
The case is used for transportation and storage of detector in folding position. The case has special pocket for detector’s working ability testing device (UPU-3).