Contact-type voltage detector with combined indication without built-in power sours “Ekivolta 6-10KU”

Voltage detector “Ekivolta 6-10KU” is used as the main electric protective means for determining voltage’s presence or absence in closed switchgears of alternating current with voltage from 6 to 10 kV inclusive.

The main parameters of the detector:

Operating voltage, kV
from 6 to 10 (inclusive)
Type of indication
combined (light – the main, Acoustic – additional)
Built-in power source
General length in transporting position, mm, not more
General length of detector in operating position, mm
Mass, kg, not more

Detector is equipped with extension prod for potential carry from current conducting parts to electronic block throw grounded parts of guard of electrically installation (mesh, grill, screen, etc.). Lateral electric stability of prod’s sheath is 12 kV. This value averts insulation’s break to ground during simultaneous touching contact tip of current conducting parts of switchgears and grounded parts of cell’s guard. Detector “Ekivolta 6-10KU” can be supplied in double-section modification and as a single unit.
The principle of detector’s indication working is based on crossing capacitive current through electric circuit of detector. Detector’s indication is ensured by means of three ultra-bright light-emitting diodes and piezoradiator. In the detector built-in power source is absent. Detector’s operating parts grounding is not necessary. Detector “Ekivolta 6-10KU” can be used in switchgears and on the air power lines.
The complete set of supply includes the case for transportation and storage of detector in folding position. According to customer’s demand the complete set of supply can include detector’s working ability testing device. The case has special pocket for this device.