Scaffold stepladder from fiberglass plastic PSO

Scaffold stepladder is intended for working at the factories of electric communication instead of actual wood or aluminum scaffolds. Also the scaffolds PSO can be used indoors for servicing electrical installations with voltage up to 1 kV. They are designed according to general industrial norms of safety GOST 24258 “Scaffolds. General technical conditions” and on the base of branch’s technical standards.

The main parameters of the scaffolds:

Marking of the scaffold Parameters Dimensions
of the working
platform, mm
Spacing of the steps, mm Mass, kg,
not more
H, м h, м а, м b, м
PSO-1,1 Т 1,9 1,1 0,9 0,52 420х340 220 14
PSO-1,2 2,0 1,2 1,0 0,66 450х450 300 15
PSO-1,5 2,3 1,5 1,2 0,71 450х450 300 17
PSO-D-1,2 2,0 1,2 1,0 0,66 450х450 300 19
PSO-D-1,5 2,3 1,5 1,2 0,71 450х450 300 20
PSO-D-1,1 T 19, 1,1 0,9 0,52 420х340 220 18
PSO-1,2 T 2,0 1,2 1,0 0,53 450х340 250 16
PSO-D-1,2 T 2,0 1,2 1,0 0,53 450х340 220 20

The working platform and steps of scaffolds is manufactured from multiply plywood to ensure ergonomically parameters. Scaffolds PSO have general industrial modification (without letter “T”) with step’s pacing 0,3 m and modification for factories of electric communications with step’s spacing 0,25 m. Besides normal modification scaffolds PSOcan be equipped with steps from two sides (with latter “D”). Working platform has tubing limit stop with electrically insulating coating to ensure safe work.

Scaffolds of normal modification (steps from one side) have tubing stop limiting working platform from two sides. Insulating properties of the scaffold are ensured with insulating stringers of the scaffold diverge downstairs and are equipped with rubber boots averting turning over and sliding. For convenient transporting between working places lower ends of stringers are equipped with pair of wheels. Scaffolds are not designated for exploitation at the open air. Main technical parameters are in the table.