Scaffold from fiberglass plastic with the handrail transformable along the length of the stringer PST

Scaffold is intended to carry out repairing works in electric installation, industrial and administrative building and at the open air at the height of 4-6 m.

The main parameters of scaffolds:

Type of scaffold Parameters
Height of upper supporting, mm. Dimensions of upper supporting step, mm Dimensions of upper supporting step, mm
PST-4 4,0 270х500 32
PST-5 5,0 270х500 42
PST-6 6,0 270х500 50

Scaffold consists of ladder and support connected with gear hinge and upper supporting platform with handrail.
Ladder and support consist of two elements with equal length, which connected one to another with hinging blocks for joining with catching handles.
Construction of the joining block provides necessary force for connecting and releasing elements, which not exceed 100N. The stages of the ladder’s elements and lower part of supporting have trapezoidal form providing horizontal position of supporting surfaces.
For ensuring safe mounting and conducting work the set of supply includes brackets for attaching slings-tension members on the protecting enclosure of working platform.
For ensuring stability of the stringer the scaffold diverge to the low end.
The working surfaces of the steps have the coating averting sliding of the worker’s shoe’s soles.
The scaffold includes devices adverting occasional opening during work and transportation.
Sequence of mounting:
1. Opening and fixing ladder and support by mean of hinging blocks;
2. Mounting and fixing elements of rigidity and struts;
3. Mounting of scaffold to working position by means of fixing slings-tension members;
The time for mounting and erection to vertical position by two workers is 5-7 min.