Insulating sloping double-throw ladder from fiberglass plastic LPNS-2K7

The ladder LPNS-2K7 is intended for conducting work in technical service and running repair of contact network of direct and alternate current of electric railways and power lines. The ladder has special electrically insulating protective-decorative atmosphere-resistant coating.

The main parameters of the ladder:

Length in working position, mm
Width upstairs, mm
Width below, mm
Distance between the steps, mm
Height of lower step from the ground, mm
Transporting dimensions, mm
Mass, kg

The ladder consists of two ladder’s sections jointed one to another by means of reliable abutment joint block. All operations for assemble and disassemble are conducted with the wrench 17×19. Working services of the steps have the coating-averting sling of worker’s shoe’s soles. Lower ends of one of the throws of the ladder are equipped with metallic tips averting sling the ladder on the ground. At the top of the ladder the hooks are mounted for hinging on the network elements. Upper throw of the ladder can be used as single-throw ladder with the length of 3,5 m. in this case additional tips are mounted at the place of fastening of abutment joint block. These tips are included in the complete set of supply.
The ladder is equipped with:
– System for bringing and holding the ladder at the support consisting of two slings, which ensure bringing the ladder to support and fixing it at the working position;
– Safety system preventing falling down from the height consisting of kapron rope fastening to lug with eccentric brake to which the worker’s safety belt is joined. Safety system for preventing falling down is mounted before mounting the ladder;
– Grasping belt on the top of the ladder for fixing around the support.
Sequence of mounting the ladder LPNS-2K7:
1. Assemble of the ladder by means of abutment joint block;
2. Mounting system of bringing and safety system preventing falling down from the height.
3. Mounting and fixing the ladder at the support;
4. Rising on the support with joined safety belt and mounting and fixing grasping belt;
The general time of mounting by two workers is 3,5-4 min.
The complete set of supply:
– Lower throw with the tips;
– Upper throw with hooks.
– Safety device including:
a) Safety rope with catcher;
b) Embracing rope – 2p;
c) Embracing belt;
– Removable tips – 2p;
– Bag ZIP (spares and devices);
– Certificate and installation direction and maintenance manual.