Combined insulating ladder from fiberglass plastic for rising on the supports with height of 9 and 12 m LKS

The ladder is intended for conducting work at the high voltage power line’s supports at the height of 9 and 12 m.

The main parameters of the ladder:

Length of ladder at the mounted position, mm
9000 / 12000
Transport dimension, mm
3800х600х450 / 3800х600х550
Weight of ladder, kg
62 / 75

The ladders are manufactured from electrically insulating section fiberglass plastic with protective decorative atmosphere resistant electrically insulating coating.
The ladder has the design of module type. Two lower sections consist of two ladders LPNS-2K7, which can be supplied to customer separately. The third and the fourth sections are mounted in parallel to the axis of support. Both of them are equipped with butting blocks for joining to the lower section. Butting blocks are clamped by means of belts around the pole at two points.
The working surfaces of the ladder’s steps have the coating averting sliding of the worker’s shoe’s soles. Abutment joint blocks ensure reliable and quick joining of the ladder’s sections. Every section is provided with the safety system including kapron rope fixed at the top of section. The rope has the catcher for fixing the clasp on the worker’s belt.
Sequence of mounting of the ladder LKS-9, -12:
1. Assemble of the ladder with the help of abutment joint block.
2. Mounting of leading system and safety system for preventing falling down from the ladder.
3. Mounting and fixing the ladder at the pole.
4. Rising on the pole with fastened safety belt and mounting and fixing embracing belt at the top of the ladder.
Further mounting:
5. Lifting, mounting and fixing third section at the pole.
6. Switching to the safety system of third section.
7. Lifting, mounting and fixing fourth section at the pole.
8. Switching to the safety system of fourth section.
General time of mounting by two workers is 8-10 min.

The set of supply includes:
– Ladder LPNS-2K7 consisting of:
a) Low throw with the tips;
b) Upper throw with hooks;
– Third section (and fourth for LKS-12) with the length of 3 m;
– Safety device including:
a) System for leading and holding the ladder LPNS-2K7;
b) System for fixing second, third and fourth sections at the pole with the belts;
c) System for preventing worker from falling down from the height;
– Bag with ropes and clasps;
– Certificate and installation direction and maintenance manual.