Insulating vertical ladder from fiberglass plastic LPVST-7,5

Ladder is intended for conducting works at the air power line’s supports 0,4-10 kV. The ladder was designed as universal variant alternative to variant with using claws and climbs for high voltage power lines supports 0,4-10 kV of all types. The ladder can be used for rising on unreliable power lines supports with exceeded working life.

The main parameters of the ladder:

Length of ladder in working position, mm
Width of ladder, mm
Distance between steps, mm
Height of lower step, mm
Transport dimension, mm
Weight of ladder with rope’s set, kg
Weight of setting tool, kg

For increasing convenience of transporting the ladder LPVST-7,5 consists of two ladder’s elements from fiberglass plastic with equal length connected one to another by means of swivel gearing hinge. Design of blocks provides necessary force for folding ladder into transporting and operating position, which not exceed 100N.
The working surfaces of the steps have abrasive coating averting sliding of the workers shoe’s soles.
Lower end of the ladder is equipped with metallic tips and chain sag for ensuring stability of the ladder at the soft ground, bog and snow.
The ladder is equipped with:
– System for and holding the ladder at the pole including two slings for approaching the ladder to the pole and fixing it at the operative position;
– Four removal grasping belts for fixing the ladder at the pole;
– Safety system for preventing falling down from the height, which consists of kapron rope fixing tj lug at the top of the ladder with eccentric brake which is connected with the worker’s safety belt. Safety system for preventing falling down is mounted before mounting the ladder;
– Clamp for mounting block with endless rope;
– Clamp-hooks for mounting setting tool of unreliable supports.
Besides additionally complete set of the ladder LPVST-7,5 can be equipped with setting tool including the bag, three augertype armatures and tensioning slings with chain connection.
Sequence of mounting the ladder LPVST-7,5:
1. Opening and fixing the ladder by means of swivel gearing blocks;
2. Fixing at gauge stop at the working position.
3. Mounting at operative system and safety system for preventing falling down from the height.
4. Mounting and fixing the ladder at the support.
5. Lifting on the support with connected safety belt and mounting and foxing grasping belts.
General time of mounting (without setting tool the support) is 4,5-5 min.
The complete set of supply:
– The ladder LPVST-7,5;
– Fixing belts at the power line support;
– Safety rope with claps and self-grasp;
– Kapron slings for holding the ladder at the support;
– Certificate.
Additional devices:
– Setting kapron ropes (tension members) with chain connection;
– Armatures of setting toll.