Cord KSP from fiberglass plastic in polymer sheath in set with device PNSS for its winding

Cord KSP from fiberglass plastic is intended for laying cables of communication in wells, block, tubes and other works. Prolonged limiting temperature is from –600C to +1550C.

Cord is manufactured as a bar with external diameter 10 and 12 mm. Its ends are equipped with special reliably fixing tips for connecting with laying cable.

Device PNSS is used for winding and transportation of cord. Device PNSS represents hand truck ensuring convenience of working manipulations with cord.

The main parameters:

Name of parameter KSP-10 KSP-12
Diameter of core from fiberglass plastic, mm 8 10
External diameter with sheath, mm 10 12
Approximate mass of cord with coating (length 150 m), kg 25 32
Mass of device PNSS, kg 16