Insulating sloping ladder from fiberglass plastic LPTS-7R

Insulating sloping ladder from fiberglass plastic LPTS-7R is intended for conducting work by personal at the air power line’s supports 0,4-10 kV and for another works in the electrical installations.
The ladder was designed as universal variant alternative to variant with using claws and climbs for high voltage power lines supports 0,4-10 kV of all types. Besides ladder can be used as insulating stepladder with the height of 3,2 m for the works in electrical installations.

The main parameters of the ladder:

Length of ladder in working position, mm
Width of ladder upstairs, mm
Width of ladder at lower part, mm
Distance between steps, mm
Height of lower step, mm
Transport dimension, mm
Weight of ladder, kg

The ladder LPTS-7R consists of two folding section as ladder’s elements from electrically insulated fiberglass plastic connected one to other with the swivel gearing hinge with working sector from 00 to 1800 with possibility of fixing after 150.
Design of ladder ensures safe work and convenience of operation due to self-mounting interval stop positioned between sections. This stop put forwards after opening ladder at the angle 1800 and serves as interval point of leaning against support of power line. Besides self-mounting stop is equipped with hooks for fixing ladder on the support. At the top ladder LPTS-7R is equipped with kapron sag in strong polymer sheath, which protects destroyment of upper ladder’s step while supporting on the power line’s construction’s elements.
The ladder is equipped with:
– System of leading and holding ladder on the support. System consists of two slings leading ladder to support and fixing it at the working position;
– Safety system for preventing falling down from the ladder which consists of kapron rope fastening to lug with the worker’s safety belt. Safety system for preventing falling down is mounted before mounting the ladder;
– Hooks for hinging ladder on the elements of electrical installation (hooks are mounted at non-working position when not being used);
– Grasping belt on the top of the ladder for fixing around the support;
– Lugs for ensuring fixing of three ropes for disfixing unreliable support.
Sequence of mounting stages of ladder LPTS-7R:
1. Opening and fixing ladder on the support;
2. Mounting of leading system and system for preventing falling down from the height;
3. Mounting and fixing ladder on the support;
4. Lifting on the support with connected safety belt and mounting and fixing grasping belt.
The general time of mounting (without disfixing of the support) by two workers is 3,5-4 min.